• This is a technique that turns your life around. It has multidimensional well tried scientific clinically proven methods.
  • It increases your threshold for stress …… enables you to deal with the ups and down of life easily... Protects you from serious physical and emotional problems caused by day to day stressful life style.
  • It is a sure method to eliminate anxiety, fear, depression, anger and other stress related disorders ……
  • This technique gives whole brain function which enhances concentration, increases memory, relieves migraine and you sleep better.

Unbelievable but true. Are you doubtful? Many have been …… until they tried it. Wait a minute to know about it …… then try it yourself.


No matter how your condition manifests itself,the techniques contained in this program are the ones which work, the only answer, the only way by which you will and many other people have  completely  got rid of depression, anxiety disorders, panic attack, OCD, and phobias.

Regardless of what you have learnt before from other psychologists, doctors or therapists, you can make yourself well again .In fact, you and only you are the only person that can do this.


If you are seeking a way to get rid of stress, eliminate anxiety, relieve depression, sleep better, increase energy and create remarkable emotional changes at the deepest level…………Powerurmind scientific based technique that has the Potential to change your life ... forever! You have hidden Power. That Can Change Your Life!  Install this power... into YOUR brain.


There is a large percentage of population which suffers from stress related problems. The life style of people nowadays imposes performance demands both at work as well as at home. Relationship stress is increasing due to the complexity, expectations and intolerance. Bearing continuous stress leads to “fight and flight response” of the body which results in physical symptoms.  Fears of failure, constant threat of loss or non achievement/ performance generates anxiety which crosses the threshold and one slides in to the domain of General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). If not treated it leads to panic attacks, OCD and various kinds of phobias and other symptoms leading to mental illness as severe as depression with suicidal tendencies. To handle such a situation the sufferer takes medical help and unfortunately due to paucity of time the Doctors/psychiatrist treat the above disorders with medication, leaving  the  most important aspect of the treatment i.e. relaxing the  mind & body and restoring  the brains’ natural chemical balance. Powerurmind Technique complements the treatment by medication taking care of the mind and body connection.  Anxiety, stress, depression and other related disorders are all the problems commonly due to misperceptions and negative thought patterns. The Powerurmind Technique can access the relaxed sub-conscious mind, identify those negative thought patterns that are causing the problems and turn them around.


You simply look at any negative emotion, you are experiencing at any given time and behind that emotion is a negative thought pattern. Most of these patterns originate from your childhood. It has been discovered through 25 years of research at the Winchester Foundation, USA that you don't have to go back to your childhood to change these thought patterns. You just change to the updated version. (This is the most important aspect on which the Powerurmind Technique is based)


The millions of inputs uniquely stored in the brain and shaped by the world around us make our response as to how we react to that world. Negative thoughts release chemicals like Cortisol… and that drags you down. In contrast, positive thoughts release Serotonin ... so you find yourself seeing more possibilities than problems... more hope than doom ... and more friends than isolation. Thoughts change our brain chemistry and also the brain wave pattern.


Negative thinking is standard for those who usually hear, see, and read negative information by accepting this as the standard way of thinking. Eliminating negative thinking is not just having a good attitude or feeling good or being positive for the sake of being positive but it has much deeper concept than that. It is well recognized that thoughts are real forces and that how we think directly affects the things that happen to us. The good news is that these thought generating patterns can be changed regardless of how long ago they were formed!!!!!!


Closing your mind to positive thoughts will rule your life in a negative way. Remember- “The mind is nothing but like a parachute…if it isn't open it isn't going to work.”


With its scientific clinically tested methodology, Powerurmind Technique is a pack of time tested tools.The 'Alpha' state of mind is a state of deep relaxation, which is commonly known as the door to the sub-conscious mind. In this state you can go into all your experiences since birth. These experiences are recorded in the sub-conscious as complex patterns. These patterns are formed during the period you were born and grew as an adult. The millions of inputs which you have received during this period through seeing, hearing, touching and smelling formed these patterns which are your internal reference library or internal map of reality. Our thoughts - positive or negative are generated from the sub-conscious according to the kind of our reference library or the so called internal map of realty…….this is where powerurmind plays an important role


  • The technique dramatically increases the production of a whole variety of beneficial brain chemicals, including pleasure generating - Endorphins as well as “well-being chemical” Serotonin and a number of other chemicals proven to slow ageing and increase longevity…………… In other words it helps to balance the brain chemistry.
  • The Powerurmind Technique brings together technology and nature in order to create wonderful changes in our physical and mental performance. Everyone has a threshold for stress that one can handle. When that threshold is exceeded, we get anxiety, anger, depression, overwhelm, sadness, substance abuse, and many others. One of the main benefits of Powerurmind Technique is-…. it provide a stimulus to the brain that pushes that threshold higher!!!!
  • Through Powerurmind Technique you can achieve all your goals, manifest your dreams find inner peace and harmonize your body physiology and metabolism to heal. And ……….. Importantly all the above benefits without medication and no side effects at all!!!! However for those who are under medication for a long time Powerurmind Technique shall complement the process of recovery, gradually reducing medicine and vanishing dysfunction never to return.
How does it work?

The four steps of The PowerurmindTechnique with its scientifically proven tools will enable you to reach the deep subconscious level of mind and teach you to re-program your life for health, wealth and happiness. The tools are independent of each other and can be used in the sequence, leaving the ones which may not be required to achieve the desired goal.


Science entered a new era revealing the secrets of our ability to learn, be creative, remember, control our moods, reduce stress, resolve unwanted behavior patterns, and a host of other desirable ends, with the appearance of a remarkable paper by Dr. Gerald Oster, of Mt. Sinai Medical Center, USA in the October 1973 issue of Scientific American. Oster’s paper, entitled "Auditory Beats in the Brain," described how pulsations occurred in the brain when tones of different frequencies were presented separately to each ear. As a result, the entire brain became entrained to a frequency equal to the difference between the two tones and began to resonate to that frequency. In other words, Oster discovered a method for what is calledentrainment of brain wave patterns.


Simultaneously, Robert Monroe, of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, USA, was also investigating “Auditory Beats”. In thousands of experiments, using an EEG machine to monitor subjects’ electrical brain wave patterns, Monroe also concluded that he could entrain brain wave patterns using auditory beats. In addition, he noted that the response did not happen only in the area of the brain responsible for hearing, or only in one hemisphere or the other, but rather, the entire brain resonated. The waveforms of both hemispheres exhibited identical frequencies, amplitude, phase, and coherence.


A similar effect is perceived by the brain when two frequencies with different phases are presented separately to two ears. Within the sound processing centers of the brain, pulse stimulation provides relevant information to the higher centers of the brain. In the case of a wave form phase difference the electron pulse rate in one part of a sound-processing center is greater than in another. The differences in electron pulse stimulation within the sound processing centers of the brain are an anomaly. This anomaly (the difference in electron pulse stimulation) comes and goes as the two different frequency wave forms mesh in and out of phase. As a result of these constantly increasing and decreasing differences in electron pulse stimulation, an amplitude modulated standing wave is generated within the sound processing centers of the brain itself. It is this standing wave which acts to entrain brain.  The FFR (Frequency Following Response) in turn evokes physiological and mental states in direct relationship to the original stimulus. With the availability of this tool, it becomes possible to develop and hold the subject into any of the various stages of brain wave patterns, from light Alpha relaxation through Theta into Delta, a state of super consciousness.


Further to these, concepts of cognitive Behavior Therapy are most effectively used to change the thought pattern by complimenting the process with calming & relaxation, self-hypnosis, subliminal affirmations, and paraliminal recordings to smoothly reprogram the subconscious mind.

The Four Steps Of The Powerurmind Technique-


Step 1   Get Ready to Change -   Audio/Video & Text

This step is very important; infect the most important through text, presentations, audio, and videos, important information is imparted, which one must know before moving on the road to complete recovery and total wellness.  Re-dressing the imbalance between logical conscious thought and subconscious habits, changing attitude towards the disorder which causes the behavior and symptoms is the first step. Re-dressing the imbalance involves practicing a series of rules that completely envelop one’s psyche, allowing the conscious mind to rest whilst the subconscious heals, naturally.


Step 2   Brain entrainment - Audio

It is well known that the human brain controls all the organs in our body to perform millions of activities every day. Research on human brain conducted by research institutions all over the world have found that the human brain operates on a small amount of electrical energy. This electrical energy as electric current vibrates at certain frequencies commonly known as brain waves. Different brain activities produce different brain waves. Depending on our activity- walking, reading, having a conversation, dreaming, etc., our brain produces different brain waves in the range between less than one cycle per second up to 40 cycles per second. The level of your brain’s activity, as determined by your brain's rhythm or brain wave frequency, can have significant impact on the quality of your life. If you can slow down frequency of your brain waves, you can control your mind to perform at the same level as the high achievers. Brainwave patterns are generally classified into four main categories based upon their frequency: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. How they relate to our state of consciousness is detailed here:


  • THE “DELTA” STATE - When you are in deep sleep also called delta sleep your brain waves produces 0.5 cycles to 4 cycles per second. This is the stage where most body repair or healing takes place.
  • THE “THETA STATE- 4 to 8 cycles per second occurs just before we go to deep sleep. This is the state which most meditation practitioners try to lengthen because of the many benefits that this state can bring to our learning abilities, cognitive abilities and so on.
  • THE “ALPHA” STATE -The state before theta is alpha where you are in a relaxed and a little alert state. Our brain produces 8 to 14 cycles per second of brain waves.
  • THE “BETA” STATE- The alert state or fully awake state is the beta. 14 to 40 cycles per second are produced by the brain waves in this state…………………………………..


Generally, the lower your brain wave frequency, the more is your awareness turned towards your inner world and your subjective experience and the more effectively you are able to tap into the creative power of your mind. In contrast, the Beta state, which is the state within which we spend most of our waking life, our attention is focused outward and we are not able to harness the power of our minds to their full potential!!!


Step 3 Natural way for hormonal balance (Calming mind and body) – Audio

Stress is a natural part of everyday life. Continuous stress causes mental and physical health issues. Our endocrine system often called our “body chemistry” is usually in a continuous state of change. In order to optimize our physiological response to our experiences the hormone balance keeps on changing every moment. In a situation that requires an immediate protection response we unconsciously trigger our freeze, flight or fight process. In a stressful situation our adrenal gland secretes adrenaline and cortisol. Cortisol has powerful anti-inflammatory properties - reducing histamine, suppressing the immune system, metabolizing fat, protein and carbohydrate while decreasing bone formation. A long-term exposure to cortisol damages the cells in the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for long term memory) which results in impaired learning. So although cortisol is perfect for certain situations it is not that we want to have coursing through our veins all the time. Relaxation techniques are a great way to rebalance our body chemistry.


Any sportsman, or athlete, will tell you that periods of stress followed by quality recovery time give a person a greater stress capacity. This leads to increased performance and repeating the process creates continuous growth. Relaxation of both the mind, and body, is essential to this process. So relaxation consists of two aspects: 


1. Relaxing the mind      2. Relaxing the body

Our mind and body are one system; so our thinking affects our body; and the way we hold our body affects our mood, “The mind body connection” Mastering the techniques of relaxation through breathing control gives great benefit to both your mind and body. As the body is restored to its natural, tension-free state, feelings of deep enjoyment, bliss and wellbeing, typically arise. When you deeply relax and achieve correct breathing skills you may also experience a heightened state of awareness, due to the alteration in your brain wave pattern which spontaneously occurs. This step deepens your relaxation state and your ability to concentrate your mind creating tremendous power for creative process as well as releasing your untapped potential and recognizing the positive source of energy.


Step 4   Re-programming the subconscious mind- Audio


Many people make the same mistakes, follow the same patterns, and live in the same ruts while going through their lives without understanding why! They seem to be unable to make any lasting changes even when they aren’t happy with their present situation.  Why does it always turn out this way? We struggle to make permanent changes in our lives because we input information only into our conscious mind. Here’s the problem: your consciousmind is not what directs your behaviors and belief system.


“To change your behaviors, you must first reprogram the hard-wired center of your mind: the subconscious mind” …………………………… (This is very very important).


Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is the largest part of our mind. It contains all the messages we’ve received throughout our lives. It holds millions and millions of thoughts grouped into clusters that form beliefs, mindsets and character traits. The relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds is like an iceberg. The conscious mind is represented by the visible tip of the iceberg, while the subconscious is represented by the gigantic lower portion of the iceberg hidden from view.


You can’t see the subconscious in action, but it certainly has a major impact on the voyage you take in your life.


The subconscious is the place where all of your learned behaviors reside. Once you learn to walk, you don’t need to consider how to lift and place each foot to take the next step, do you? Of course not! Your subconscious mind automatically controls your steps. Your subconscious learns behavior through repetition and practice. Just as it learned to control your footsteps when you learned to walk, it also controls your footsteps in your life’s journey based on what you’ve reinforced throughout your life. The good news is you can reprogram your subconscious mind by inputting and reinforcing new thoughts and actions! Powerurmind uses different techniques to tap into the subconscious mind and reprogram, how it works?


There are various tools to reprogram the subconscious mind used byPowerurmind techniqueto change your life:


  • Affirmations: Affirmations work to change your subconscious mind by using positive, personal, present tense statements to override the embedded negative thinking. By repeating these positive thoughts, you can create new pathways in your subconscious, giving it new attitudes. Then your subconscious causes you to act in new ways that agree with these new attitudes. For example, repeating: "I choose healthy foods at each meal" can change your mind set about what you eat and why!
  • Visualization: Visualization is the act of creating detailed mental pictures that depict a desired outcome so you can see success for yourself. These images stimulate the subconscious into accepting them as reality, which then directs behavior accordingly. Top athletes around the world use this technique during game-time.
  • Hypnotherapy: Some types of therapy work with the subconscious mind, including hypnosis. Hypnosis works by easing you into a state of extreme relaxation. Once you’re in this state, the conscious mind releases its grip, and the subconscious mind is easier to access... While under hypnosis, it’s much easier to reprogram the subconscious into accepting new thoughts as reality.
  • Subliminal Audios: You can use subliminal audios while you sleep. The conscious mind listens to music or someone speaking on one level, but the subconscious mind hears another layer of information recorded underneath the audible portion.  When awake, the conscious mind is distracted with the audible portion of the audio, making it harder to tap into the subconscious mind.


Powerurmind Technique Uses these techniques very effectively to help you reprogram your subconscious mind and remove the burden of the negative thoughts buried there. Imagine the freedom of living your life without the automatic dysfunctional behaviors driving you for years! When you transform your negative outlook into a positive one, you can accomplish so much more. In doing so, your mind will be released from negative programming, allowing you to excel and succeed throughout your life.  Your subconscious mind is the bridge between your body and mind.  You have the Power to Achieve Anything You Want.



Apart from the above tools, the other important aspect is diet and nutrition


The brain is the body's "master controller" and its primary means of communication between nerve cells (neurons) is chemical. The chemical messengers are called neurotransmitters, substances that transmit messages between neurons. Some neurotransmitters have excitatory effects on neurons and others have inhibitory effects. A change in the supply of a single neurotransmitter   increases some kinds of activity while reducing others,    thus altering the balance of activities in the brain.

For example, if a neurotransmitter's action within a cluster of cells is inhibitory, then increasing its concentration will further inhibit the cells. The same neurotransmitter may have an excitatory effect on another group of cells, so an increase in its concentration would further excite them. Because neurotransmitters are synthesized from the nutrients in our food, dietary practices can have a profound influence on brain chemistry. Serotonin gives feeling of wellness while others are produced so that body copes with stress and because these brain chemicals are diet-responsive, the manner in which one experience or responds to stressful events depends as much on diet as it does on coping skills.

An example of how diet influences brain chemistry is - Inadequate amounts of serotonin can manifest itself in wakefulness, irritability, enhanced sensitivity to pain and mood disturbance. Since serotonin is synthesized from the amino acid - tryptophan, a dietary lack of tryptophan can result in stressful symptoms. A well-balanced diet will insure that the building blocks of neurotransmission are available. Nutrition plays vital role in balancing the brain chemicals, like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins to create healthy euphoric state of mind. A well planned diet is recommended which varies from person to person.


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