Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: What are the main causes of anxiety and related disorders?


Answer: Continuous physical and emotional stress, perception of fear of failure, constant threat of loss or non achievement/ performance generates anxiety. When stress and anxiety exceeds the tolerance limit; the person slides in to the domain of General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and if not treated it leads to panic attacks, OCD, various kinds of phobias and other body symptoms. This leads to mental illness as severe as depression with suicidal tendencies.


2. Q: There is a large percentage of population which suffers from stress related problems. How such disorders can be treated without medication?


Answer: Negative thought patterns generate feeling of fear which causes anxiety and stress. Elimination of such negative thoughts can reverse the condition. Powerurmind Technique can treat such disorders.


3. Can persons with severe depression or anxiety disorders be treated with your technique?


Answer: Yes! To handle such a situation the sufferer is treated with mild medication, to stabilize and to make the person receptive to the therapies. Medicine does relieve physical symptoms while the negative thought pattern which is the major cause remains. "PowerurmindTM Technique" has research based methods to get rid of negative thought patterns, reprogram subconscious mind, activate healing powers of the mind and induce deep state of physical and mental relaxation. These techniques also restore the natural chemical balance of the brain without any medication.


4. Q: This means The "PowerurmindTM Technique" does not eliminates the need for medicine?


Answer: It eliminates the need for medicine if taken care of at an early stage, In case a person is under treatment with medication it complements medication. With continuous use of "PowerurmindTM Technique" the dose of medicine reduces and recovery becomes easier and fast. Reduced dose of medicine also reduces harmful side effects of medicine.


5. Q: I am in depression and taking medicine can I leave medicine?


Answer: Yes! In case a person is under treatment with medication it complements medication. With continuous use of "PowerurmindTM Technique" the dose of medicine reduces and recovery becomes easier and fast. Reduced dose of medicine also reduces harmful side effects of medicine.


6. Q: For which ailments and disorders The “PowerurmindTM Technique” is useful?


Answer: A person suffering from any psychosomatic disorder and ailment can be benefited from this technique. However for different disorders a specific combination of techniques is used. The “PowerurmindTM Technique” has different modules say for Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, fears & phobias and depression.


7. Q: What are the main objectives of Powerurmind Research Centre?


Answer: PowerurmindTM Research centre has developed scientific based clinically tried therapies which form the "PowerurmindTM Technique" program. This is an easy to use self help therapy program with an aim to treat and cure Anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD from its root cause. The mission is to enable anyone suffering from these disorders to easily win over these disorders. The main aim is not to treat symptoms only but cure the disease from the root.


8. Q: What is the difference between treatment & Cure?


Answer: In treatment we only treat the symptoms of the disease. When we cure the disease we change the body pathology/Psychology to normal that is homeostatic of the body towards normal. In simplicity removal of the very cause of the disease is curing.


9. Q: what are the main services provided by Powerurmind Research centre?


Answer: PowerurmindTM is mainly dealing with stress and anxiety related disorders on one part and personal development on the other part. A person suffering from any psychosomatic disorder and ailment can be benefited by this technique. While on personal development side It has developed programs to get rid of migraine, sleep effortlessly, win over social anxiety, enhance concentration & memory, enhance self confidence and self esteem.


Q: Is "PowerurmindTM Technique" same for all kinds of disorders?


Answer: For different disorders a specific combination of techniques is used. The "PowerurmindTM Technique" has different modules say for anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, fears & phobias and depression.


11. Q: How you treat chronic anxiety condition?


Answer: We have developed a program with long experience in neuropsychology and the latest research related to the brain chemistry. "PowerurmindTM Technique" has latest clinically approved therapies which balances the brain chemistry. We educate the person to identify the various triggers of stress and anxiety so that he/she can know the root cause of the problem. We have audios with embedded beats of certain frequencies with different energy levels for deep mental & physical relaxation and other techniques to change the negative thought pattern. We have obtained more than 90% positive results in those persons who follow the program strictly as per the instructions.


12. Q: What are the cases which respond better to your program and get early results?


Answer: The persons who believe in our therapies and follow it strictly as per instructions get treated early as compared to the ones who do not rest belief in our system.


13. Q: How your system of treatment can help me to recover completely?


Answer: "PowerurmindTM Technique" is designed based on the latest developments in this field. The system of treatment has been used with positive results all over the world. It uses the latest clinically approved technology. PowerurmindTM program will help you to recover completely. Researchers as well as the scientist all over the world report, and we have also observed in our centre that management of stress, effective mind & body relaxation and elimination of negative thought pattern cures the suffer completely and forever.


14. Q: How much time it will take to recover?


Answer: Recovery is fast depends upon the patient to patient and the type of the disorder.


15. Q: I am in depression since one year taking medicines can I leave medicines?


Answer: If you follow our system of therapy, yes you can leave medicines but medicines has to be reduced slowly under the supervision of doctor. The “Powerurmind Technique” balances the brain chemistry and synchronises both the lobes of the brain. The program restores the natural production of chemicals to maintain the balance as such medicine shall not be required.


16. Q: Can Anxiety and depression be treated with morning walk and exercise?


Answer: Usually energy level in these patients is low due to low level of brain chemical Serotonin as such they find no energy for morning or evening walk and exercise. The serotonin level must be improved either by taking medicine or improved diet or other clinically approved techniques. Thus only walk and exercise does not bring results.


17. Q: I am taking medicine but still I am in depression, energy level is low. How "powerurmind Technique" can help me?


Answer: You follow the PowerurmindTM program regularly, slowly and slowly your happy chemicals will become normal and your serotonin level will increase, both of the brain hemispheres shall start synchronizing. It will automatically start producing required chemicals in the brain as produced in a normal person. Normalcy shall return within months. That is the time to leave medicines gradually but under the supervision of your doctor. The depression shall never return.


18. Q: How you treat conditions, like repeated hand washing, repetitive activities and superstitions?


Answer: This disorder is known as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in medical terms. OCD sufferers often feel that they need to perform these rituals to release a buildup of anxiety and to be able to get through their daily lives, despite the fact that they cause a good deal of distress to both themselves and the people around them, but these rituals are actually coping mechanisms for most sufferers. Fortunately there is a cure for this disorder.You follow the PowerurmindTM program (Overcome OCD) regularly, slowly and slowly your disorder shall disappear never to return again.


19. Q: How your system of treatment can help me to recover completely?


Answer: "PowerurmindTM Technique" has four components which modify brainwave pattern, balances brain chemistry, and reprograms the subconscious mind which helps the person recovers completely.


21. Q. Is PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment Safe?

Answer: Yes, PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment is very safe. The only individuals who should not use Brainwave Entrainment are those suffering from auditory disorders, or adverse mental conditions, Individuals who are epileptic, who wear a pacemaker and pregnant women.


22. Q. What are the side effects of PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment, if any?


Answer: Brainwave entrainment has no side effects what so ever. Users will experience improved health, better mental functioning, a higher energy level and some have reported a reduction in need for sleep. The only side effect that has been reported is the occasional mild headache for first time users. The headache is temporary. Normally, after a few listens the headaches disappear.


23. Q. How long does it take for the Audios to take effect?


Answer: This differs from user to user, but most users will feel the effect of the PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment audios within six minutes from the start of the session. First time users may take a little longer. It is important not to question the effectiveness of the brain entrainment audios. Simply relax and allow the audio to guide the mind to a specified state. Those who use the CDs five to seven times a week will start to notice more permanent effects within a few months.


24. Q. Who would benefit most from PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment CDs?


Answer: Brainwave Entrainment began as a means to treat general problems that affect much of the population, without medications. While effective in helping those suffering from ADD, ADHD, chronic exhaustion etc...It was also found to be a wonderful tool for those who were healthy but wanted to improve their everyday functioning. PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment serves as a valuable aid in this purpose.


25. Q. How often should each CD be played?


Answer: This varies from individual to individual. Some users may use the CDs for very specific purposes. They may need immediate relief from tension, they may be attempting to learn a large amount of information quickly, or they may be unable to sleep. In this case the CD be used once for the purpose. Otherwise the CDs should be used as directed in the user’s manual. However, some other users may want to use the CDs to improve themselves in the long term. In this case users may listen to each CD a few times a week. Regardless, of the intention, PowerurmindTM CDs may be used anytime, as often as preferred. It is important to allow the mind to rest after each CD. Minimum 20 minute break is recommended between the usages of each CD.


26. Q. Can the multi-track CDs be listened to one session at a time?


Answer: The multi-track CDs are intended to be listened to in their entirety, sequentially. Of course it is not always possible to devote sixty minutes to each CD. In this case it is recommend that the user listen to as much of the CD as they can, starting from the first session. It is important not to start from the second or third sessions and do not listen to the sessions out of order.


27. Q. Is it all right to fall asleep while listening to the sessions?


Answer: While listening to CDs used for mind body relaxation it is expected that many listeners may fall asleep due to the extreme relaxed state resulting from the session. While listening to the CDs for Concentration, it is rare the listeners fall asleep, as it does bring the listener to a more alert state. If a user does fall asleep while using CD for concentration, they should not worry; at this point the brain will adjust to a normal low theta/delta sleep state. CD for Sleep is designed to aid in sleep. Therefore it is expected that users will fall asleep to the session. CD is only sixty minutes long and will shut off when the CD is complete.


28. Q. Is it OK to repeat or “loop” the CDs or the sessions?


Answer: No, each CD is designed to take the listener from point A to point B. If the sessions are repeated the user’s brain will be guided back to point A and the intended effect will be lost. Minimum 20 minute break is recommended between the usages of each CD. This will also allow the time for brain to rest.


29. Q. Do PowerurmindTM audio CDs require the use of special equipment?


Answer: No, these are designed to be used with any type of CD player or personal computer or a laptop and stereophonic headphones. The audio contained within the CDs are of professional grade quality. The user will hear and benefit from the entrainment regardless of the type of equipment used. However, use of stereophonic head phone is essential.


30. Q. It is advisable to duplicate the CDs for backup or sharing?


Answer: PowerurmindTM Brainwave Entrainment CDs are protected under copyright laws. All ownership of the products belongs to Powerurmind Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. India.


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