Power Your Mind Technique
About Us
Powerurmind Team

Intellectuals from the field of Medicine, Psychology, PhD’s in child & human development, Finance management and Engineering, have now teamed up with Dr. Usha Dhawal to unleash the vast potential of the various Powerurmind techniques for the benefit of thousands & thousands of people who are suffering and want to lead healthy and peaceful life.

Based on working with thousands of patients over the last ten years Powerurmind research Centre has developed an easy to use self Help therapy program to win over Depression, Anxiety, OCD, phobias, to lead healthy and wealthy life on one side and techniques to enhance Memory, Concentration, sleep better, build self confidence and human development on the other side. Powerurmind team has a vivid vision to take this message to all such suffering humanity. The mission is to enable each one of them to easily win over these disorders and enter in to the domain of peace and happiness.


MBBS, MS, PGD (Psychotherapy & Counseling)
PGD ( U.K. ) Ex. P.C.M.S.
Clinical Hypnotherapist, London.
Former Principal Home Sc. College, Chandigarh.


Her approach is multi dimensional. She treats the person as a whole and care for his/her emotions. Her firm belief is: - Knowledge and learning are tools for everything.

Learning to release the stress from the mind, then accessing the inner motivation mechanisms, evaluating the belief system and creating new working attitudes - are just small taste of our extensive program of Mind Activation. Depending on your specific needs, we develop a successful and beneficial approach to train the groups with various mental skills for each individual. Throughout the program we train the group to actively seek new solutions through unlocking their inner potential. We created a series of exercises and techniques which can be quickly and effectively applied. Apart from group training we have other human development programs conducted for individuals.


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