Here's something you need to know:

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a study of changing electrical potential of the brain. Electroencephalograph is an apparatus used to measure the electric potential of the brain. Tracing or the printout of the measured brainwave forms is electroencephalogram. Frequency is the number of complete repetitive waves per second. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) or cycles per second (cps). According to their frequency brainwaves are divided into four main groups, also referred to as "brain states”



Braine Wave Pattern

We bring you the essence of last many years of research on the Brainwaves to your advantage. Every Aspect of our life creates a pattern of Brainwaves and a tone at a specific frequency uniformly. By triggering such Brainwaves at proper frequency, that particular positive aspect of our life can be stimulated. If our thoughts coupled with Visualization are embedded during such stimulation, it brings positive changes in our life more effectively.

The lower the brainwave cps, the more is the awareness turned toward the subjective experience, the inner world and the more effectively is one able to use the power of the mind to create changes in your body. With each lower state one becomes more fully aligned with the source of power within. Generally in Beta state, the attention is focused outward. In alpha it begins to turn inward, and in theta and delta it goes further and further inward. The deeper one goes, the more effectively one is able to enter the subconscious. At the borderline between Beta and Alpha States is a doorway to the subconscious mind.


While the borderline between Alpha and Theta states is a doorway to the super conscious mind, where one begins to gain access to the "supernatural abilities", which for most people manifest as bursts of insight. More the time one spends in this state, even if one is not intentionally attempting to create a change, the more of these "abilities" begin to become one's part - which may be simply noticed as the time-lag between what one thinks and it's manifestation in the outer world becomes shorter and shorter.


And one can imagine that at the borderline between Theta and Delta, one experiences oneself as non-physical being. Here the body is only a thought in the mind. If one is able to maintain the consciousness at this level, it effects instant changes in the outer world. In this state, one can transcend the "laws of the physical world" because one is not bound by them anymore.


Whenever you think, you expand energy. In deep, dreamless Delta state, where your mind is fully resting, your body has the best opportunity to regenerate. What is interesting is that, many people experience the unexpected power in Theta and Delta states, as confirmed by many scientists. Imagine the power you get once your brain switches to these stages of higher functioning... without drugs or any effort.


To make this happen we need to take advantage of all the, high-tech tools we have. The six steps of The Powerurmind Technique… will enable you to reach the deep subconscious level of mind and teach you to re-program your life for health wealth, happiness, and more productivity, capability for more intimacy, creativity, and wholeness. This is, in fact, a state of peak performance. And, when the brain is in this highly synchronous and coherent state, it produces large quantities of neurochemicals... (Which are called endorphins, making the whole experience very pleasurable) This is in fact the true nature of the mankind.


Benefits of Brainwave Entertainment

Did you know that you can change your brain waves simply by listening to a specific kind of music? When you listen to a scientifically developed audio recording that incorporate a technology called brainwave entrainment, the electrical activity in your brain is stimulated to follow an altered frequency. Altering your brainwave activity has many benefits which include:


  • Relief from stress and anxiety promoting relaxation
  • Promotes neuron growth in the brain
  • Sharpens concentration and focus (perfect for those who suffer from ADD)
  • Induces brainwave synchronization and whole brain functioning (amazing stuff!)
  • Helps you raise your overall IQ level
  • Learn quicker
  • Be more productive with less sleep
  • Attain higher quality sleep
  • Get into an extreme meditative state without practice
  • Boost self confidence and project it in your daily life
  • Increase intuitive creativity
  • Expand your consciousness
  • More overall peace and happiness


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